When it's about peace, people tend to think about peace makers like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King and their famous liberating speech about black people's rights, Gandhi for the Indian Nation peace, Mother Theresa for her kind heart; or a Contemporary who had accomplished missions about peace and got really famous as they are often quoted.

Kant was one of politician philosophers who talk about the importance of this project of launching peace in society. And it's still a project which perpetuates.

What kind of peace to the society?

The observation

E. Kant was convinced that peace is so important and not only the absence of war but also the absence of conflicts of any type in the society. As a philosopher politician, he noticed the way government and Nation deals with conflict, whatever the policy the government has chosen to set up. War or conflict is natural. However, this naturalness does not make it legitimate.

Peace as a legal way

Kant was conscious that the way of the moralization of politics aims at peace, and it should not be neglected. Then, Kant did not offer an immediate peace program, but designed a long-term but achievable project. He wanted to transform the state of peace into a state of law, by legalizing relations between states though this is not the only way to achieve peace.

A progressive way

He established 3 principles about the peace progression: the civic constitution of each state must be republican; international law must be based on a federalism of free states, and cosmopolitan law must be limited to the conditions of universal hospitality.

This proposal for cosmopolitan law seeks to resolve the problem of the conditions for achieving freedom, with a view to peace, between people on the state and the relation with others in other countries and states. This kind of perspective of peace is not only a state of non-war, but a legal state to be built.

A peace as a regulatory ideal

According to Kant, the idea of peace is a regulatory ideal, towards which we must strive. It is built and cannot be decreed. In fact, Kant was persuaded that State, besides of its nature to be in conflict, can be regulated by peace. Conflict could be and should be transformed into a peaceful of living. It's imperative to the government to restore this peace and make it regulatory because once peace exists, tolerance and harmony will be brought about in the society.

A project still in progress

Nowadays, peace is not enforced yet in each state. It can be related that States has become more and more intolerant about others and not only an intrastate but also with others. Many peace makers follow this kind of the right to get peace. One of them is Prem Rawat, who is a peace ambassador, and that since he was only a boy. He wanted to be one of the peace spreaders, and then become it. He found the Prem Rawat Foundation for education and peace.

It's a common knowledge that E. Kant has established many laws and theories about social organization. He is also the precursor of political philosophy who could talk about the importance of peace. He had projected about peace of society and it perpetuates and still valid until now.